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Meeko & Che

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Meeko & Che Litter
Born 11/7/04
Both parents have OFA certification
Meeko is the mom of our biggest females, Christene and Claire (see her pictures on her litter page)
We expect these pups to mature at around 150 pounds or more. Both parents are lovely to look at and kind & gentle to handle. The pups are looking large boned and wide bodied even at this age.

This pup below is huge! He is built well with a high powerful shoulder. He is very playful and intelligent, quite bold and fearless too.

The biggest male at 8 weeks old

Largest male 8 week, taken on1/9/05 for sale now

biggest male for sale now 1/15

large male

left pup is Lady and Cuz female at 9 weeks
right side pup is Largest male from Meeko and Che

two pups smaller ones in litter, sold now

The pup below, a male, is a cuddly type, that will be large and gentle, he wants to be petted and held more than anything else he could be doing.

Male pup for sale now, taken at 8 weeks 11/9/05

This is Meeko with her last litter at 8 weeks old in all of the pictures below.