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Welcome to Rottweiler Giants PUPS FOR SALE

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We have a smaller, newly restructured kennel to serve our loyal past customers and our new ones better!

We have moved to the North West side of Richmond

Our hip and elbow warrantee has been extended to 5 years with a replacement if you have joint issues

We always took dogs back if you cannot keep them, but now we will give you a credit for half of your purchase price, to help you get another dog someday....


We have a certified Nutritionist on staff to design puppy meals:
We use only top quality dry food brands of  large breed puppy food
We use different brands to adjust the digestive bacteria to handle whatever food they may get at a new home.
We bottle-feed pups 2-3 times a day a nutrient rich double strength puppy formula and include egg yokes, yogurt and flaxseed oil to pups from birth to 2 weeks of age in addition to nursing from their mother's milk. 
 At 3-4 weeks they are given pedigree puppy lamb and rice meal canned food 5 times a day.
 By 6 weeks they start eating our special concoction we call "mush" which has  peanut butter, mayo, plain yogurt, flaxseed oil,  Red cell, ( a B complex liquid ) cottage cheese, Iams lamb and rice meal canned food for puppies mixed in a 50% base of dry puppy kibble, wet with water until soft, given daily to the pups and moms.
The puppies always have a large bucket of dry kibble hung up next to their fresh natural well water. Chlorinated water is not good for their digestion.

In general, we believe that any pup or adult dog should have the choice to eat whenever they are hungry (just as we do) This is why we keep our 50 pound, automatic feeders full of food for our adults. We also provide a 24 hour supply of dry food for each group of pups that they can eat as frequently as they want.
As long as excersise is available they will not overeat or get fat or sick.
Food becomes the same as water in their minds, nothing to be concerned about... it's always there.
This also eliminates food aggression or guarding behavior often seen when you put down a dish of wet food for hungry pups.
We have seen that pups actually learn aggressive behavior if they are allowed to practice it in the litter.
Conclusion...No one wants an unhappy rottie around so keep their bellies full and they will be happy!
Surprisingly, we have calculated that no more food is consumed by feeding this way. We have noticed that bloat, choke, twisted gut and other digestive
occurrences can be avoided thus creating less vet bills, less gluttonous eating habits and the not so pleasant throw-up on your best carpet!
This feeding also prevents other issues of trash can digging and separation anxiety in many instances.
A full puppy is a happy puppy and plays nicely with siblings. They will transfer that nice attitude to playing gently with your children later.
One other rule that makes for a good house pet is to insist that your dog or pup be out of the room when people are eating. This keeps the dog in the proper pecking order so he/she will respect you and mind you better. Rules like this have to be consistent, with no exceptions to be successful!

 You can't start too early. We start training our pups at 5 weeks of age. Most importantly, they are taught to love us, as well as their moms, but this is mixed with respect for our wishes. We are at the top of the pecking order. As Cesar Milan, the dog Whisperer says, "The Pack Leader!"
This makes your training go easier later as they have rules and limits.
We also coach them to not play rough.
All dogs & pups at our kennel are taught to keep quiet. It helps reduce stress by having a calm dog or pup! :)
Pups are monitored while playing and they are stopped if any of them gets too rough.
 We teach them to stay in their living area with the door open (for a short time), to be quiet, to go back, stay down, sit, give paw, play nice, come and lay down.
They are kept on clean, pine shavings here. This helps you in housebreaking later as you can put the shavings wherever you want them to use the "potty" in your yard and give them the command to "go potty." When they do, give them a special food treat (like a piece of hotdog or cheese) as soon as they finished. This will not only keep waste out of the way, it will clean up easier than in grass.
I do not play with them when I am asking them to do this. I bring them right back inside when they have finished. This makes it clearly different from play or excercise outings. They should be able to run out do their business and run back to you within two weeks so you don't have to stand outside with them. You will appreciate this on rainy days!

Females can be bought with a 1 time breeding deal
at a reduced price also 1 pup at discounted rate to new owner in deal.
Short term payment plans possible!!!
Reserve pups now with a 50%deposit that are still with their mothers
 Save 20 % if you pay for them in full before they are 7 weeks old!
We offer a one time breeding deal with our female pups to reduce the price significantly. You can also get a pup from that litter too at a discounted rate! We do all the work. You save a lot of $$$. Once the breeding deal is complete, you receive full akc registration to allow you to breed or show your dog, if desired!