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Shipping Info

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We can ship throughout the USA into most major airports

The cost of shipping varies with the size of the crate and the weight of the puppy. The different airlines will charge their own rates for a pup over 50 pounds. The total cost, including crate and shipping certificate, will normally run about $300. We are having a special of $200 to ship a young puppy.
Our preferred flight departure point is out of the Richmond International Airport, other arrangements on this can be made if needed.
If you buy and wish to ship two puppies together, they must be under 20 pounds each, otherwise they will need to be shipped in a separate crates.
Older pups can be shipped if the crate and dog, combined, are no more than 100 pounds. The required crate is 36 by 24 by 27, which is the 400 series and will cost more.
Every puppy is individually insured and this price is included in the airbill. The cost range is around $5 per $1,000 of property. 
Animal Care
Puppies are shipped out with an absorbent material on the crate floor. There are large containers of Ice and water and dry puppy chow fastened to the inside of the crate door. There is also a bag of the same food taped to the top of the crate for use while in transit. We also send the puppy off with some rawhide chews to keep busy during flight.
The airlines take every precaution to make sure the puppy is climate controlled, fed, and watered at all times.
We have not encountered any problems with air shipment of the puppies and feel confident in the quality of care provided at the time of shipment
Arrive Early For Pickup!!
The airlines get very upset when they have a puppy awaiting the owner once the flight has landed. It is a good idea to call your arrival airport to find out exactly where your puppy can be picked up. Sometimes it is a special window, with American Airlines it is the "PDQ" window or with Delta it is the "Cargo" window.
The puppies are never put out on the luggage carosel.
You will need to have some picture form of idenification, such as, your drivers license with you to pick up your puppy. The name given to us for shipping, as it will be on the airbill, must match the name on the picture ID.
Puppy Identification
All puppiess shipped, will have a permanent "Home Again" microchip ID embedded under their skin on the area between the shoulder blades. These chips are 100% safe and are the ones most used at animal shelters and veterinary offices for the identification of lost or stolen pets. This is a gift to you, our customer,  to protect your puppy from loss and to identify your puppy as the one we sent out. It is recommended that you have the microchip number checked upon receiving your puppy at the vet check up to verify that the proper animial was received.
Call our kennel after you pick up your puppy, if no one answers, leave a message that the puppy was recieved.

***All sales are final, no refunds on deposits, credit will be issued