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Ninja & Kidd

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12 weeks old

There are two pups available from this litter as of 10/20/04, this is one of them,  I have the biggest one and one that was medium in the litter both males. Ask for prices, they are on sale now.

12 weeks 3 of ninjas pups


Ninja was bred to Von Kidd and
 the litter was born  6/14/04.
We are now taking orders.
 This is a show quality litter with a great pedigree of champions, working dogs, imports, and O.F.A. certification.
Von Kidd is 120 Lbs. with a 80% Penn hip score at 1 1/2 yrs he is 2 now and going to show this year. We expect him to become a champion.
 Ninja at 80lbs, O.F.A. rating of Good and is 4 yrs old
from a huge line of imports, champions, and working dogs. With the sweetest  disposition ever, she even will nurse other pups, as she is now with one boy pup from Bella's litter, as Bella didnt have much natural instinct going and lost most of her first litter.
Ninja is my house pet as well as the kennel mascot. Everyone loves her, she guards the door to my house vigorously, but will let people come in and out of the office. Smart girl.......

These are pics of her past litter with Cuz. These pups will be bigger than the litter that we have now !

Cuz Sire of the litter shown below.

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

 Queen's Precious Ninja (OFA rating of Good)

Ninja and pup at 7 weeks old
Ninja and children having fun
Female pup at 10 weeks old

5 weeks

6 Weeks


Proud Mother, 
Queens Precious Ninja OFA rating of Good
(Sired by Onyx Vom Maxter) OFA rating of Good
with some of her 3 week old pups.

3 Weeks old

3 weeks old


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