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Couragious Wolfgang of BDK

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Wolfgang at 2 years old

Couragious Bearwolf Von BDK

Bear wolf at 2 yrs

Wolfie and Bear are litter mates, Wolfie is 30" and looks just like Cuz, his grandsire! Bear is 29" but may catch up by the time he is 3 yrs old. His body seems to look like his dad, but his head is like Cuz also. Both have an easy going demenor, and love attention.

His sire:
Von Osborn Fest of BDK
picture below

Ozzy at 4 yrs old
was sold as a pup to Brenda of Charlottesville

Ozzy with his owner at 4 yrs old
he was sold from BDK as a pup
picture below


His Grand dam:
Bianca Von Hershcroft
(a Hungarian Import)
picture below