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Price list of pups for sale now
4 weeks litter

                           Pups available as of June 25, 2004


             Sale on from June  25 to July  4,  2004


 Current Rottweilers litters:


Meeko/Harley  3/2/04     1 female  on sale $1200

she will be huge, as her line is Che, Cuz,  sir Lugar, Ninja and Meeko is the mom of some of our biggest stock, three studs have ofa and two females ofa also in close background. reg price is $2500


PrettyGirl/Che  3/13/04  2 males, 1 female $1,500,Show quality, very dark mahogany with lots of  black trim  with ofa sire $2500 reg price



Camile/Cuz     3/7/04     1 female, Sale  $1,200*****

 she looks just like stud Cuz, with huge head, calm disposition,  ofa EX , mom has ofa on both parents, very soft disposition, kind and wide headed reg price $3000, $2500, these will be Giants , it was a small litter , which gave them all the extra milk, they were built like little bricks as nursing pups.(3 in litter)


Bianca/Che  3/20/04    7 males, 4 females,

Reg..$2,500-    Sale  $1200 to $600

pick of the litter m, f, $2,500 sale $2000

 some of these are going to be within standard, there are 3 large males that could be up to 145 #, they are lively and will be good working dogs, great with kids, some may be good show stock, the mom is imported with lots of Ch.  of a  good cert  on dad is  he is  145-150#, very dark with black shading. Mom is about 90# sweet temperment.


Katherine/Zeus  4/14/04   3 males, 5 females

pick of litter m,f.. $ 2,500

rest of litter on Sale 50% off at $1,200-$999

there are some big ones in this litter, may look like the Zeus side of fam.  ofa cert hips, Katherine is 75 # has a great temp , as sweet as they can be, and put out some real pretty pups in the past. This is Zeus's  first litter. He comes from a great line of working and Ch dogs  from the Stonecreek line.


Babygirl/Che.    4/15/04        5 males, 2 females

Babygirl is from Ch Lethal Weapon line (show quality)

she is very dark, the pups are looking like they could be shown 

 reg price $2500 to $1200


Jessica/Cuz     4/27/04           4 males, 2 females

These will be Giants, I expect them all to be 140 to 160 #

Reg price $3000 to $2000



 Nina/ Harley...  4/30/04      4 males, 6 females

 Harley  has outdone himself this time, his first litter, they are so thick coated and full bodied, you will think they were crossed with a teddy bear.  some have all black faces, the rest have a very dark mahogony.

$3000 to $2500



Jewel/Che             4/30/04         2 males,  2 females

Furry little bears, standard colors, two real big ones, priced at $2500, $1,500 ,$1,000   


Claire/ Bear         5/2/04            1 male

 Gorgious Pick of the litter with all my best studs in the backgound $3,000

there were only 3 pups in the litter, so these pups got lots of advantages to be very large.

Claire has che and cuz behind her with ninjas good pedigree all have ofa certification and wonderful pedigrees with gentle disposition.  Bear has ofa good, and is 140 pounds witha stocky build and big head.


Sheba/ Von Kidd..    5/3/04          1 male, 1 female

 Kidd is our best show dog, will be a Champion hopefullly this year. He is 120 #

and wide bodied with a huge wide jaw, with a broad forhead.

 Sheba is a sweet combination of Che and Cuz and Ninjas daughter Nancy , all ofa certt

$3000 each


Ninja/Kidd...     6/14/04       5 males, 3 females

NInja and Kidd will make the best show pups you can buy anywhere, her pedigree is all full of imports that are champions, names you will see in all the journals. Her fathers 12 gen. pedigree has 80% champions and many with working titles too.

$3000 to $2500


Bella/Cuz...        6/16/04        1 male

Sweet  big boy  going to be huge, teddy bear loooks to hug



Connie/Zeus    6/20/04       4 males, 2 females

they are just born and doing well, we will let you know how they look soon

 Connie is beautiful, very big,  around 130# from a litter by Cuz and Meeko, sweet loving temp.

Zeus is our young stud, by Stonecreeks Vonder Zeus, with lots of ch. and famous dogs

Priced around $3000 to 2000



new litter: 6 weeks old all black and rust

will be around 100 pounds, reg price $800

 Sale:  $599 fems, $699 males


Black Lion        1 year old neutered male 

on sale@ $500 OBO

both parents from the Kimbertal Kennel

He is around 100 # with naturel ears.

see doberman page for pictures

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