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Ninja & Kliff

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Queen's Precious Ninja
Kliff Vom Schwaiger Rathaus

Our Ninja was recently bred to beautiful imported German Champion. Kliff has been the top seiger winner in Germany, USA & Canada for the past 5 years. He weighs 135 pounds and is 27.5 inches tall. Ninja has an incredible imported German champion pedigree.

Kliff & Trophies

Among Kliff's numerous titles are the:
Bundesjugendseiger 2002
Osterr.-Bundesjugenseiger 2002
Frankenseiger 2003
Canadian National Seiger 2004
Landesgruppe Chicago Seiger &
Most Beautiful in Show 2004

Kliff Posing for the Camera

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Date Whelped - May 8, 2001
He was imported from Germany at 2 1/2 years
The proud owners of Kliff are
Aaron & Stephanie Tabor
Owners of Von Herrschaft Rottweilers
located in Front Royal, Virginia.

Kliff Ready to Go!