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King & Pepper Litter..

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This is King  our new stud  from the Von Cruger  and Metzenhund lines, he is 2 now and has gotten his ofa of good  and is 30 inches at the shoulder, and 147 pounds already and still growing. He has a wonderful nature and lives with his family that I placed him in with small children that he protects, and other animals and dogs that he gets along well with too. Expect to see more pups from him in the future.  The lady in the picture is his human mom and she stands 5 feet 2 inches tall and is on her tip toes.  As you can tell he is a big boy.

These are two males at about 10 weeks from this litter, they are playful and easy to work with, tight coated and beautiful they could do any thing you need to do with them or just have fun and keep them home too.